10 Android Apps of the Week to Download for Free

This Week’s 10 Android Apps of the Week list includes Flipboard for Tablet, The Dandy comic app, and few useful apps for your Photo and Videos..

We know you guys love to get free android apps and games on your device. So we take the job on our shoulder to find best from recent android apps became available on play store. Al you have to visit our weekly  top free Android Apps of the Weekpage, download them and share this page with friends to let them know what you are doing with your android. Let’s see what we got for you this week.

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard for Android Tablet Android Apps of the Week

The most beautiful and creative news reader app Flipboard now ready for Android Tablet. The app looks more gorgeous with tablet optimized layout on bigger screen. Enjoy your reading.


The Dandy

The Dandy Fo the first time the newly-digital The Dandy comic become available on mobile platform starting with android offering the popular comic strips of Dan and co. Interestingly the app come with sound and motion added which makes it more enjoyable. Users can also create their own avatar, read jokes and play mini game. [app]air.com.dandy.thedandy[/app]


Flock Andorid AppFlock allows to merge photos between multiple android devices and organize them by creating “private group albums”. Have you ever use bump? Flock works similar way but a little different. Based on location data, the app brings photos together taken with your friends and family in a specific location so all the people can see what’s taken by others without sending them manually. Sounds cool, huh! [app]com.bumptech.flock[/app]


Beanstalk Android apps of the week Most of us use more than one cloud storage service. Beanstalk brings together Dropbox, Box.net, and Microsoft SkyDrive in one place. Move files between these service easily with just the drag of a finger. [app]com.nimbus.app.beanstalk[/app]


Tracks andorid app Another group photo sharing app like we discussed earlier but with some different feature. Tracks has been available for some time now but the latest version redesigned to work best with android tablet. The app pulled images on based on your activities and relationships so you can track your friends and family to know what they are doing. [app]com.tracks.client2[/app]

Protect Your Videos : Vilynx

Protect Your Videos on Android

This one would be very handy for us who wants keep their video clips safe. Protect Your Videos Android app will allow you to upload video clips to cloud storage service like Box.com, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google drive. What i like best about this app is that after uploading videos it also generates a 5 second video previews and organize them in beautiful interface so you can easily find them later.


Mobli – Share Photos & Videos!

Mobli Android App
Mobli is another alternative for popular photo sharing app Instagram which also allow sot share videos. Mobli also comes with a ton of photo filters to beautify your pictures and plenty other features to go top in the game with Instagram and Color.



NeroKwik Android App

This is the third photo sharing app in this week’s Apps of the Week list but this one is cloud storage based. The app works similar to Google+ album, once you take photos they will be uploaded in the background then you can instantly access them from any device.


Smart WiFi Toggler

These days we have wifi networks almost every where. Smart WiFi Toggler would be very handy app for those who forget to turn off wifi when leaving home or switch from data network when they are in known wifi area. The goal is to save battery and minimize data charges by turning WiFi off when not connected to a network, and turning it on when a known hotspot is present. The app constantly learns your preferred network locations.



Videocast andorid app

Yet another video oriented app for android which let’s broadcast live videos with friends and families. Very good for sharing  birthdays and other personal events with family. You can share video a few person or even to larger audience on Facebook.


That’s it for today’s 10 Android Apps of the Week list. Download them, play around and don’t forget to share this page. In the mean time we will continue searching new best free android applications.